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Previously, Tom taught speech and theatre at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for 31 years!

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Author of written works such as Stage-Struck Settlers in the Sun-Kissed Land and Arizona on Stage

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Learn About the History of Wild West Theatre

Witness the Beginnings of Arizona's Rich Theatrical Culture

Do you love plays? Do you like to watch people perform in plays? Some are even moved with their performance while others are amazed at the discipline that they have in order to do all of those scenes with minimal errors! However, while watching do you sometimes wonder how theater began? Its rich history, its glory days and more? If these questions have tickled your thoughts, Tom Collins is here to help widen your knowledge about the theater arts.
Tom is very passionate about this field of art. He loves to let people know about its beginnings, the industry's highlights over the years and its continuous glory. As it is his passion, he wants to keep on enlightening people about it. His forte is educating people about the Wild West theatre: its rip-roaring melodramas, its lavish Shakespearean productions, its riotous comedies, and its charistmatic, sometimes scandalous actors.
Fascinating Stories of the Performing Arts in a Different Time
Should you need advice with regard to which plays of the Wild West Theater history you could use for your next performance, Tom Collins can help you. He can provide references and can even be your resource person. Tom guarantees that you will enjoy performing this period.

Tom has a variety of talks about the Wild West theatre period and can also give pointers on acting since he is also a readers theatre presenter by profession. He would love to connect with actors and directors who have a passion for the craft too.
If this period of theater interests you, Tom is glad to provide more information about it.  He can talk about the subject with colorful and dramatic, beautifully illustrated presentations that can capture the interest of your group. Will it be for a more mature crowd? Seniors especially will be fascinated with Arizona's theatrical history and Tom can tailor his presentations to the group's interests.  Tom can also help you find playwrights, melodramas, and comedies if you are looking for shows to produce at your theatre. 
If you are interested to know more about the Wild West Theatre in Arizona, you can send Tom an email at collinstw@cableone.net. You can also give him a call at (928) 442-0341. Tom will be glad to provide you with the information that you might need. 
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